The benefits of a metal versus a composition roof is simply the fact that it wil be the last roof you will ever install on your home. Our 26-gauge metal roof systems are hail-resistant.

They are available in PBU & PBR Panels. Metal Roof Systems are virtually maintenance free and have better ventilation - thereby reducing your energy costs.

Because we manufacture our roof & wall panels on-site here at our factory, we can guarantee the exact color match of panels & trim.

Should an issue arise, our product tracking system will give us the exact serial # of the exact coil that was used on your home's metal roof. We can then match the color exactly. Our tracking information is also shared by our supplier, which doubles our ability to correct any warranty issue.

Haworth Roofing is proud to offer a single-lock (Snap-Lok) Standing Seam Roof System available in 26 or 24 Gauge Galvalume or Painted Galvalume. These panels vary in width from 12" to 24" and may be ordered or extruded on site when installed. These panels have a wide range of colors available and may be form fitted to match any house.


* means energy star


A Ridge Vent is a type of vent installed at the peak of a sloped roof which allows warm humid air to escape a buildings attic.

#1 Removes moisture from roof attics & cavities.

#2 Enhances roofing material life span.

#3 Increases occupant comfortability.


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